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Specialist Vessels

dredging underway at Haslar Marina

Jenkins Marine operates a number of specialist vessels to suit a wide variety of tasks.

Our fleet comprise of multi-discipline solutions that comprise of split hopper barges, multi-role vessels, flat top barges, tug boats, modular pontoons and workboats.

Select the type of vessel picture you are interested in from the outline below and you will be able to access specific vessel information for that category.

Split hopper barge NAB


We offer a fleet of fast, manoeuverable hopper barges, ideal for capital and maintenance dredging, beach replenishment and coast/pipeline protection projects.


Multi-purpose, support or multi-role vessels are designed to operate in a more versatile role whether it be pipe-laying, diving, dredging, support stand-by or accommodation vessels. These vessels are the swiss army knives of marine operations and are typically designed to accommodate a range of work scopes with the minimum of fuss and are extremely versatile.

They are typically complimented with small deck cranes and deployable spud leg anchor solutions to optimise marine operations.

avon multicat vessel
handfast 15t bollard pull tugboat


Having operated a fleet of tugboats for many years, we currently operate two dedicated towing vessels. Additional support is provided by some of our multi-role vessels and backed by a wealth of knowledge, gained through years of experience with towing and salvage operations.

Beaver workboats


To provide access and support at more restricted marine sites, we offer a variety of small, shallow draft, road transportable workboats solutions to the market.