• Split hopper barge NAB

We offer a fleet of fast, manoeuvrable split hopper barges, ideal for capital and maintenance dredging, beach replenishment and coast/pipeline protection projects.

Nab self-propelled split hopper barge
Hurst split hopper barge
CH Horn Grab hopper dredging


Nab & Needles are 300m³ capacity self-propelled, split hopper barges. They are fast, reliable and highly manoeuvrable vessels, capable of accessing more restricted sites.


HURST is a 150m³ dumb Split Hopper Barge, certificated under the MCA with a loadline exemption for operation within the UK coastal waters.


C H Horn is a MCA Cat 3 Certified compact and efficient self-propelled excavator hopper dredger. Equipped with a 360-degree azimuth propulsion unit, self-elevating spud legs and a shallow draft. She is a highly manoeuvrable vessel able to dredge in more confined hard to reach areas.