• Doreen Dorward Versatile Utility Vessel


Our Dredgers are available to complete a range of tasks, from maintenance dredging and keeping waterways navigable, to land reclamation, sea defense and activities relating to construction, coastal engineering and offshore operations.

Jenkins Marine offer a variety of  vessels to provide dredging support solutions for almost any marine site or project requirement.

You can find out more about our general dredging services on our Dredging Page

Doreen dorward multirole vessel with excavator
CH Horn Grab hopper dredging
Pontoon barge JML60 18x6x2 in Poole harbour
Multirole vessel Stour during dredging operations


DOREEN DORWARD is the perfect partner for most near shore marine civil engineering applications. Essentially, a self-propelled spud leg pontoon with comfortable mess and office facilities, it’s versatility is due to a large clear deck incorporating a well & moon pool solution. The Doreen Dorward is perfectly suited for diving, construction, crane operations, dredgingsalvage, and survey work.


C H Horn is a MCA Cat 3 Certified compact and efficient self-propelled excavator hopper dredger. Equipped with a 360-degree azimuth propulsion unit, self-elevating spud legs and a shallow draft. She is a highly manoeuvrable vessel able to dredge in more confined hard to reach areas.


Deck Cargo Barge JML60 (18m x 6m x 1.5m) is a multi-purpose, shallow draft, flat bottom pontoon barge. It has two 12m spud legs, for precise position holding, and a central ‘moon pool’, (ideal for site investigation).


Stour is an extremely versatile ‘multi-category’ vessel. Offering shallow draft, deck crane, motorised spud legs and substantial deck space. Stour is ideally suited to diving, construction, crane operations, dredging support duties, pushing, salvage, and survey work.